Wire Straightening Tool, Digital Tube & Pipe Cutting Machine

Wire Straightening Tool, Digital Tube & Pipe Cutting Machine
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The implementation of sustainable development strategy allows us to have more time and energy to realize the research and development of new Triangle tube cutting, Square tube cutting, CNC Pipe Laser Cutting Machine. We are committed to maintaining an industry leader position, implementing a positive branding strategy and full quality management. Safe, pioneer and innovative production is the principle of every employee of our company, and they are in line with this principle of relentlessly pursuing technological innovation. We strictly abide by national laws and regulations in the employment and management of employees, and provide employees with competitive remuneration and benefits. We have a rigorous working attitude, a positive and progressive dedication, and a strict production process.

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Three Chucks, Zero Tailing Wastage




¶ Round pipe: 20~200mm

    Square Pipe:


   Length: 6m

There chucks

Front Chuck:     pneumatic

Back Chuck:      pneumatic

Middle Chuck:  pneumatic

Max bearing capacity for single pipe:200kgs,  total Machine weight: 10.5tons

The special design of this machine:

  1. 1)     Cutting head is capable of moving from front of middle chuck to back side, to reduce wastage and increase accuracy, if the last piece of pipe length more than 850mm, wastage zero, if the last piece of pipe length more than 340mm, wastage 160mm

  2. 2)  With auto unloading

  3. 3)  Automatic loading(Optional) for round pipe, square pipe and rectangle pipe with side length ratio 1:2

  4. 4) Software: Tubepro, Nesting software: TubesT

  5. 5)      Machine working video:  https://youtu.be/_U3QBKKKKKk

All of our Wire Straightening Tool, Digital Tube & Pipe Cutting Machine are independently researched and acquired by our unique technology to make sure that they can be upgraded and updated constantly. We are committed to the principles of honest, people-centric service, and technological innovation and sustainable development. We always take innovation and integrity as our tenet, as always, provide high-quality products, perfect services, and work together to develop and create success!

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