Raw Material Aluminium Coil Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Raw Material Aluminium Coil Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Product Details
We have combined our own technical advantages and used years of experience to develop various Oval tube cutting, 6m tube length cutting, CNC tube Laser Cutting Machine. With the most advanced production technology and high-quality supporting services, our products are appreciated by our customers. For additional queries or should you might have any question regarding our goods, make sure you do not hesitate to call us. The spirit of enterprise is serious, hardworking, sincere and goodwill, and the code of conduct is to be a good person, do good things, work with a career attitude, have a strong sense of responsibility and enterprising spirit, and be diligent in learning.

Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine with rolling table and automatic unloading(for complex geometry cutting): 

Kindly refer to the machine working video at: https://youtu.be/YEpySBSBRgI   


Application Field
Especially for Filing Cabinet, Kitchen ware, refrigerator, car and train cover cabinet, Chassis and Cabinets, rotors and so on production, and material sheet thickness less than 2mm carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, galvanized steel and other metal roll materials. 


Technical Parameter

²  Material Loading Weight: ≤5 tons

²  Decoiling System Parameter: Flatness Accuracy ±0.5mm

²  Decoiling Sheet Thickness: ≤2mm

²  Decoiling Width: ≤1300mm

²  Feeding System Accuracy: ±0.2mm

Advantage of Coil-fed laser cutting machine:

Advantage of Coil-fed laser cutting machine: 

Super advantages of our design for the machine:

One machine with integrated three in one functions of uncoiling, feeding and cutting, unloading which breaks the traditional production method, this machine is an automatic production line, with advantages:

1.      saving labor cost: one worker can operator the machine

2.      saving material loading and unloading time, increasing production efficiency by 2times

3.      coil material cost is lower than sheet, straightening cost can be save 20usd/ton

4.      suitable for diversification and non-standard production, cutting file can be freely nested to save materials, material utilization rate is generally above 90%~95%

5.      material in coil takes less factory space, convenient to arrange stock

We have professional people to design the appearance and structure of our Raw Material Aluminium Coil Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, so that it is always in the leading position of similar products. We insist on improving product performance, speeding up production and reducing system costs, which will help to develop new markets. We strive to enhance our own strength, hoping to increase the company's control and influence in the industry involved.
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