Fiber Laser Pipe/Tube Cutting Machine for The Length 3m-12m

Fiber Laser Pipe/Tube Cutting Machine for The Length 3m-12m
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We hope that through the success of CNC tube Laser Cutting Machine, Triangle tube cutting, Stainless coil laser cutting machine, our company can continue to advance until it becomes an industry leader. We have always been adhering to the concept of quality first, customer first, meeting customer requirements, pursuing excellence, and continuously improving the quality management philosophy to relieve worries from users. Our business ideas: people-oriented, management first, vigorously expand the market and research and development wings to contribute to the society. Dedication and enthusiasm have become our determination to establish a professional brand and the standards we serve customers worldwide. We look forward to build a long-term cooperation with your business.

Machine HD Photo

Three Chucks, Zero Tailing Wastage




¶ Round pipe: 20~200mm

    Square Pipe:


   Length: 6m

There chucks

Front Chuck:     pneumatic

Back Chuck:      pneumatic

Middle Chuck:  pneumatic

Max bearing capacity for single pipe:280kgs,  total Machine weight: 10.5tons

The special design of this machine:

  1. 1)     Cutting head is capable of moving from front of middle chuck to back side, to reduce wastage and increase accuracy, if the last piece of pipe length more than 850mm, wastage zero, if the last piece of pipe length more than 340mm, wastage 160mm

  2. 2)  With auto unloading

  3. 3)  Automatic loading(Optional) for round pipe, square pipe and rectangle pipe with side length ratio 1:2

  4. 4) Software: Tubepro, Nesting software: TubesT

  5. 5)      Machine working video:


Our company has advanced management experience, production process and quality control means to ensure the provision of high-quality Fiber Laser Pipe/Tube Cutting Machine for The Length 3m-12m for domestic and foreign customers. Our company's products are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world, well replacing imported products, and have reached the international advanced level. Our company has a good research and development foundation, focusing on continuous innovation according to market demand.

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