Automatic Coil Fed Fiberlaser Cutting Machine for Stainless Galvanized Steel Sheet

Automatic Coil Fed Fiberlaser Cutting Machine for Stainless Galvanized Steel Sheet
Product Details
We start from a forward-looking development perspective, and continuously upgrade our Round tube cutting, Coil Laser Cutting Machine, Aluminum coil laser cutting machine through innovation. Guided by the market, with products as the core, we continue to create various products categories to better satisfy customers' needs. We should cooperate with other companies to complement each other's advantages in order to strengthen our competitiveness together, and therefore adapt to the competitive environment of the contemporary market. We will meet greater challenges and opportunities in future development, and will continue to shoulder the banner of industry development and leadership.

Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine Application:

Especially good for production of Filling Cabinet, Kitchen ware, Industry Cabinets, coach cabinet, vatilation system. And Processing, and material sheet thickness less than 2mm carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel and other metal roll materials.


Technical Parameter

²  Material Loading Weight: 5 tons and 10tons optional

²  Decoiling System Parameter: Flatness Accuracy ±0.5mm

²  Decoiling Sheet Thickness: ≤2mm or customerized

²  Decoiling Width: 1300mm, 1500mm optional

²  Feeding System Accuracy: ±0.2mm

Machine at customers' factories

The first coil fed laser cutting machine in China was developed and produced in 2015 by our factoru, so far we've produced more than 35sets for chinese local market and oversea market like Indonesia and Malaysia, fully meet the customers' requirents with advantage of saving labor cost, increasing production efficiency.

Our company has gathered a group of professionals who have been engaged in the field of Automatic Coil Fed Fiberlaser Cutting Machine for Stainless Galvanized Steel Sheet for a long time. After years of unremitting pursuit and exploration, the company has grown to provide users with high-quality products. Now we've been sincerely consider to grant brand agent in different areas and our agents' maximum margin of profit is the most important thing we care about. Our exceptional products and vast knowledge of technology makes us the preferred choice for our customers.
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