3000 Watt Laser Morn Laser Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine

3000 Watt Laser Morn Laser Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine
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We strive to make the products beautiful, high quality and low price and provide after-sales service, so that our Oval tube cutting, Triangle tube cutting, Stainless coil laser cutting machine won the trust of customers. We have created a technical team with a strong sense of responsibility, pioneering spirit and a high level of design. We focus on customers, optimize our team, mechanism, operation and strengthen our corporate culture. Our excellent corporate culture is a consensus reached by all employees after the integration of diverse cultural backgrounds, ideologies, and ideals.

Machine HD Photo

Three Chucks, Zero Tailing Wastage




¶ Round pipe: 20~200mm

    Square Pipe:


   Length: 6m

There chucks

Front Chuck:     pneumatic

Back Chuck:      pneumatic

Middle Chuck:  pneumatic

Max bearing capacity for single pipe:280kgs,  total Machine weight: 10.5tons

The special design of this machine:

  1. 1)     Cutting head is capable of moving from front of middle chuck to back side, to reduce wastage and increase accuracy, if the last piece of pipe length more than 850mm, wastage zero, if the last piece of pipe length more than 340mm, wastage 160mm

  2. 2)  With auto unloading

  3. 3)  Automatic loading(Optional) for round pipe, square pipe and rectangle pipe with side length ratio 1:2

  4. 4) Software: Tubepro, Nesting software: TubesT

  5. 5)      Machine working video:  https://youtu.be/_U3QBKKKKKk


We make the key technical indicators of the 3000 Watt Laser Morn Laser Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine better than the average level of the industry, consolidate and expand the comprehensive cost advantage. Based on the principle of proactive and honest management, our company provides high-quality products and services to customers all over the world to create a better future! In terms of service, the company will continue to adhere to the customer first business philosophy, continuously improving customer service levels, and increasing customer loyalty.

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