What Is Fiber Laser

A、The fiber laser cutting machine process characteristics and advantages:

1, the use of traditional technology to temper the main body of laser   machine, splicing, welding, heat treatment, surface treatment, high-precision guide surface processing, meticulous every step, high-quality processing bed by strict procedures will avoid equipment vibration during high-speed movement.

2、with the characteristics of dual-drive gantry, dual motor drive, with a stable operation, dynamic fast response, high speed positioning. High-end CNC system of bilateral synchronous drive function, stable and reliable

3、High end fiber laser technology and digital control technology perfect integration, excellent machine performance, on behalf of the most advanced laser cutting machine manufacturing level

B、Cutting samples   


C、Applicable material range

Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, galvanized sheet, pickled plate, copper and other metal pipe cutting.

D、Application Field

Widely used in advertising signs production, chassis cabinets, sheet metal structure, metal processing, electrical switchgear production, textile machinery, food mechanization, kitchen utensils, lamps, cars, metal crafts, saw blades, electrical parts, Aerospace, metal, knife measuring and other industries.

E、Machine Feature Advantage:

1, standard cutting, with physical marking, marking function;

2, the rapid response of following on the surface, the laser cutting head equiped with imported capacitance non-contact height tracking system, responsive, accurate, to avoid the collision between cutting head and plate, and to ensure the cutting focus position, to ensure cutting quality and stability;

3, leapfrog exercise to improve cutting efficiency, cutting back function, allowing the operator to find out the immediate return when the cut is leakaged, linear / circular interpolation and slotting compensation function, the software has a manual or automatic nesting function;

4, To thin plate, cutting flight scanning drilling cutting function to improve the cutting speed;

5, high-speed response to the laser power to ensure the corner cutting corner quality, improved

6, edge detection: his function allows the cutting head positioned in the appropriate edge of the plate position, can automatically monitor its position and direction, so that the operator can automatically adjust according to the plate;

7, the laser cutting head can withstand 3.0Mpa gas pressure, high-pressure gas pipeline equipment increases the cutting ability for stainless steel and other materials which is difficult to cut

8, the machine has an automatic partition smoke system, smoke effect is good, pollution is small;

9, the system highly integrated, easy operation and maintenance, to meet the 24-hour industrial production needs;

10, the machine base: machine table is steel plate welded, after high-temperature annealing, processed by import large-scale milling machine precision machining, the machine has excellent shock resistance, high rigidity and stability ;

11, slagging system: there’s collecting device under the table, to collect wastage during production and small cutting pieces;

12, chillers is with good function of safety protection, with over-temperature, phase, pressure, water, under voltage, overload and other protection; stable performance, easy to maintain, in line with the cooling requirements of the laser. All core components are imported components.

F、Detailed configuration and HD photo

Quelle Cutting Head with German Technology

1. Light weight and slim design, so that access to fast acceleration performance and cutting speed

2. No drift, rapid response of the distance detection device

3. The optical path is completely dust-proof through the protective mirror

4. Monitor the pressure of the nozzle (cutting gas) and the cutting head.

5. stable Z-axis floating function

As the cutting head is equipped with extremely sensitive non-contact sensing device, under the control of the system, to achieve a very stable Z-axis floating function, directly eliminate the uneven sheet on the cutting quality.

CNC controller system

Cypcut CNC controller compact structure with the modules. Widely used in the laser cut field, easily learning and convenient operation

 German Atlanta rack&pinion  Bevel rack and pinion

1、Germany ATLANTA rack adopts the most advanced grinding tooth technology, precision grade DIN5 level, which is highest accuracy in the world for mass production;

2、the grinding accuracy Accumulation error 0.012mm / 300mm (any 300mm);

3、bevel tooth type, to adapt to various conditions, dust-proof, ensure long-term high-precision movement

4、with heat treatment, support a variety of strength;

Japan Yaskawa Servo Motor

Water Chille

1、External cooling water circulation system, with de-ionizer, filter, temperature control, to avoid frequent replacement of circulating water;

2、Cooling capacity of 8500W, the choice of environmentally friendly refrigerant;

3、Temperature control accuracy ±1℃;

4、Intelligent temperature controller has two temperature control mode, for different use occasions; a variety of settings and fault display;

5、With a variety of alarm protection: compressor delay protection; compressor over-current protection; water flow alarm; temperature high / low alarm;

6、Multi - national power specifications, CE \ RoHS certification;

7、Longevity and durability, easy to operate,

8、Optional heater and purified water configuration.

Steel plate welding table

 Using the finite element and the dynamic simulation analysis of the high-strength bed, the deformation of the beam is less than 0.015mm under working with acceleration 1.5G and the stress is eliminated by the T6 heat treatment 

The table is with high rigidity, good reliability and high efficiency of cutting performance. The overall layout is compact, reasonable, small footprint.

G、Quality Control

 1, Each screw is tightened according to the standard 

 2, Each reducer will be checked and calibrated for output axis flatness, roundness and coaxiality, and the installation of each pinion is controlled within the accuracy range.

3, Each guide rail is calibrated with a collimator

4, The accuracy of splicing at every two racks is controlled within 0.01mm

5, Each steel plate welding machine must be fine welding and meticulous grinding

6,Each steel plate welding machine should be T6 heat treatment to eliminate stress

7, After tempering treatment, each steel plate welding machine tools will be sent into gantry machining center processing, to ensure that the machine straightness and flatness

8, After installation and adjustment, the machine will be checked with API laser interferometer produced by the United States and accuracy of compensation to ensure the machine walking accuracy and repeat positioning precision.

H、Machine Working Environment

1、Power requirements three-phase, five wires; AC380V;50Hz;

2、Power grid fluctuation: ± 3%, power grid in line with international requirements. Area with voltage amplitude more than 5%, should consider to use voltage stabilizer, steady flow device and phase-failure protection device

3、Power ground resistance: ≤ 3 ohms

4、Air dust less than 0.01g / CBM

5、There should be no strong electromagnetic interference near the installation area, and there should be no any radio transmitter station (or relay station)

6、Foundation amplitude: less than 50um; vibration acceleration: less than 0.05g. A large number of punching and pressing and other machine tools near around is not allowed.

7、Equipment space requirements smoke-free dust-free, to avoid dust and other metal polishing grinding serious working environment;

8、Gas pressure(pressure different according to different materials)

(1)Dry filtered air:1Mpa - 1.3Mpa;

(2)O2:0.4Mpa -0.8Mpa;

(3)N2: 0.8Mpa-1.2Mpa;

9、Some environments should be installed anti-static floor;

10、Strict requirements is need for the quality of water circulating cooling water, require the use of pure water, deionized water or distilled water, can not use tap water, mineral water and other high metal ions or other minerals in water.