What Are The Characteristics Of High-power Laser Cutting Machine?

High speed

The operating speed can reach more than 100m/min, the cutting thickness can reach 40mm, the design of the automatic exchange station can reduce the waiting time of the machine tool when loading and unloading the material, and improve the efficiency;


High precision and stability

Imported guide-driven originals and servo motors, original package imported IPG fiber lasers have good beam quality, stable performance, no reflection lenses, no need to adjust the optical path, and are basically maintenance-free. High rigidity machine bed, combined with the exclusive high temperature numerical control electric furnace standard annealing process annealing treatment, to ensure the machine tool accuracy is stable for a long time; 

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High operability

Lateral sliding door design of the machine tool is open, good human-machine proximity, and space saving;


Low energy consumption

Optical fiber laser has high electro-optical conversion efficiency and conversion efficiency of 30%, which can greatly save power consumption during operation and has extremely low operating costs.


The power consumption of the whole machine is one-third to one-fifth of the power consumption of the same power YAG. The cutting speed of the thin plate is more than three times that of YAG. It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and its power consumption is extremely low.

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Over the years, the company has been leading laser cutting technology and applications with core optics, and has occupied a leading position in the domestic high-end laser cutting market. In the context of increasing market demand, Persuade Lasers will have more powerful market influence and share!

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