To The Beginning Of The Heart, To The Craftsman's Heart Qingyuan Laser New Product Conference

"To build a good business and win with quality" is the business concept of Qingyuan Laser. The Qingyuan Laser Second Station New Product Conference revolves around the theme of "To the beginning, to the craftsman" on June 29, 2018 in Ningbo Hengyuan Hot Springs Hotel and Zhejiang Branch jointly organized!


Qingyuan Laser General Manager Zeng Junhe, Wuhan Ruike Sales Director Li Jie, The United States IPG China East China Sales Manager Guxuejian Wangfeijin, Shanghai Bochu Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Project Director General Wangxiaohui, Qingyuan Laser Zhejiang Branch General Manager Shi Er Technology, and guests from all over the country gathered to witness the Qingyuan Laser High Power New Product Launch Ceremony!


  Qing Yuan Laser Zhejiang Branch Shi Er Technology General Manager Mr. Wangxiaohui first took the stage to give a speech to the guests explained the Qing Yuan laser products
Of course, good equipment can not be separated from high-quality partners. Afterwards, Mr. Zhuhongxu, Minister of Technical Services of Wuhan Ruoke, Mr. Guxuejian, Sales Manager of China East District IPG, and Mr. Wangfeijin, General Manager of Shanghai Baichu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., successively addressed the conference. And to Qingyuan laser to give a high degree of recognition and sincere blessing.


At the release meeting, Zeng Junhe, general manager of Qingyuan Laser, introduced new products such as fully automatic upper and lower materials, high-end zero-tailings seven-axis heterotube cutting machines, and new switches.