The Future Direction Of The Laser Welding Technology

Laser welding technology is an integrated technology, including laser technology, welding technology, automation technology, materials technology, manufacturing technology and product design for an integrated technology, both embodied in the final sets of special equipment, but also reflected in the accompanying process . As an important part of advanced manufacturing technology, laser welding technology in the future aviation industry has broad application prospects.

The development direction of a laser welding technology: laser welding filler wire

Laser welding filler wire is not usually, but demanding weldments assembly gap between the weldment gap must be less than a certain range, the actual production is difficult to guarantee, thus narrowing the scope of application of laser welding. Using laser welding filler wire, can greatly reduce the assembly space requirements. For example, a thickness of 2mm aluminum plate, such as not using filler wire, sheet gap must be zero in order to get a good shape, such as the use of wire φ1.6mm as filler metal, even if the gap increased to 1.0mm, but also ensure that the weld good shape. In addition, the filler wire can also adjust the chemical composition of the slab or multilayer welding.