The Development Trend Of Laser Cutting Machine In The Construction Machinery Industry

In the construction machinery industry, laser cutting round holes, when facing a specific plate thickness, as long as the workpiece hole diameter size requirement is greater than or equal to the corresponding minimum diameter value, and the roughness and diameter dimensions are required within the guarantee capability of the cutting machine. Laser can be used to directly cut the material, eliminating the drilling process and improving labor productivity. For some workpieces with more holes, the laser dot function is used to determine the position of the hole, which saves the time for positioning holes for the subsequent hole drilling process, and also saves the production cost of the drill template, which not only improves the production efficiency, And improve the accuracy of the product.

In order to make laser cutting machines play an important role in the construction machinery industry, laser cutting machines currently have the following development trends.

(1) Under the premise that the process parameters of laser cutting machine steel plate cutting are perfect from time to time, the laser cutting machine steel plate can be added quickly in the conversion of NC code, and the cutting quality formed by the defects existing in the cutting process can be well processed through cutting programming. The problem is to increase the systemization, perfection and efficiency of the workpiece from product design to manufacturing consumption.

(2) To carry out laser processing for multi-function, expand the scope of laser application, integrate the quality information after cutting, beveling, welding and other processes, and exert the overall advantages of laser processing.

(3) In the discussion, further separate the laser from the computer numerical control optical system and the precision and automatic T-piece positioning, integrate the automatic material discharge, cutting process database, remote diagnosis and remote control, and increase the laser cutting machine from time to time. Level of automation. .