“Smelting Team, Surpassing Self” – Qingyuan Excellence Team

The same piece of iron can be cut and melted, or it can be made into steel. The same team can do nothing, but also achieve great cause. In order to improve teamwork, we have never stopped learning.


On March 1, 2018, Wuxi Qingyuan Laser held the opening ceremony of “Qingyuan Laser TOP-sells Practical Skills Training Course. More than 50 employees of Qingyuan will participate in the 2018 internal training for half a year with common pursuit and the same philosophy. The general manager of the company, Zeng Junhe and leaders of various departments attended the opening ceremony. General Manager Zeng Junhe exchanged views on the importance and purpose of the internal training management class and encouraged everyone to help each other in future learning.


In order to promote a united team spirit, improve sales team morale, further promote communication and enhance team cohesion, Qingyuan also specially organized a passionate outreach training activity after the opening ceremony.



On the training ground, we forgot the age, forgot the identity of the work, and forgot the environment of life. We left everything and devoted ourselves to the training. Each of us is the TOP-sells of Qingyuan Laser.


Under the leadership of the coach, everyone teamed up to complete a number of extended training programs, improved communication skills, honed the perseverance to overcome difficulties, deepened exchanges, and smelt team spirit. It further promotes the teamwork ability of enterprise employees and injects new impetus into the development of enterprises. At the same time, it shows the other side of the players - "vigor" and "creative", so that you have to admire our blazing passion and unlimited imagination.