Single-mode And Multi-mode, How Do We Choose?

 Fiber laser module From the power level distinction, 1000W within the laser because of their energy is not high reason, the main processing material thickness biased in the thin plate, so 1KW laser within the single-mode configuration is more in line with the actual situation of the market, 1KW power laser thickness . From the processing industry in terms of processing quality improvement is a rigid demand, can not compromise, so many high-power laser selection will not consider single-mode, must ensure that the processing quality of the first!


At the same time, single-mode core is generally smaller, which means that the same power in which the laser transmission, single-mode fiber core of the light energy load is greater, the material is a test, while cutting high-reflective material, high-intensity reflection Light and laser out of the stack, if the fiber material tolerance will be very easy to "burn core", while the life of the core material is also a challenge! Many laser manufacturers in the configuration of high power fiber lasers still use multimode configuration.