Precautions For Using Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

What are the common precautions for fiber laser cutting machine application? Since laser is a very dangerous product, the proper application of fiber laser cutting machine is very critical. Be sure to grasp the laser cutting machine using skills and follow the instructions, and carry out the actual operation strictly in accordance with the laser cutting machine using methods.

Before application, check whether the power supply voltage matches the rated current of the machine to prevent unnecessary damage; check whether the exhaust pipe of the fiber laser cutting machine is placed at the air outlet to prevent air convection; check the work surface of the machine and equipment Are there other impurities; the staff who actually operate the machinery and equipment must be trained by the laser cutting machine manufacturer before entering the job; in the process of producing and processing raw materials, be sure to wear the necessary protective equipment, such as goggles, etc.; Before figuring out the raw materials for production and processing, avoid using lasers for direct radiation and production processing; after the laser cutting machine is started, a full-time staff must be present to avoid leaving without permission. If you need to leave, you should turn off the machinery and equipment; in fiber laser cutting Fire extinguishers and other machinery and equipment are required around machine production and processing;

During the production process of the fiber laser cutting machine, if there is an abnormal situation, it should be shut down immediately, and then a professional staff will be found to carry out the fiber laser cutting machine inspection; the fiber laser cutting machine equipment after application must be cleaned immediately for the next production process Prepare adequately in advance; inspect consumables such as laser tubes and auxiliary gases on time; during the operation of the laser cutting machine, you should pay attention to every small detail of the machine tool for abnormalities; the laser is invisible light, which will cause problems to the eyes Serious damage, do not look at the laser beam; during the operation of the laser generator, do not open the hood of the laser generator; do not wear metal objects to carry out actual operations, which may cause electric shock; do not accumulate in the laser cutting machine operating area Inflammable materials such as printing paper and oil;