Nesting For Residual Material

In the process of factory production, there are often a large number of irregular remnants. Especially for high-power cutting customers, the efficient use of surplus material can greatly increase the material utilization rate of the factory and significantly increase the efficiency of the factory.

In the past, in order to use irregular residual materials, it was necessary to measure the size of the board. The measurement process waste a lot of time, the usable plate area is limited, and there is a lot of waste.

Using CypNest's latest visual residual material function can greatly improve the drawing process and utilization efficiency of residual material plates.


Many factories are already using mobile phone camera + CAD software to trace the outline to complete the processing of the remaining material board. In order to accurately depict the photo, you need to take a photo directly above the board.

And CypNest's A4 paper calibration can greatly simplify this process. Just place a piece of A4 white paper on the board, import it into CypNest after taking a picture, and then you can quickly "straighten" the image. At the same time, the system automatically calculates the actual size of the plate, no need to measure.