Metal and Non-metal Laser Mix Cutting Machine RJ1325

1.Laser cutter  professional design concept, tailored for different industries

Reasonable structure, beautiful and practical appearance

2.XY axis adopts square rail and ball screw transmission, which make the machine more stable and higher accuracy

Perfect dust exhaust and decontamination system protects environment better

3.High strength & stability mechanical structure composed of high precision mould, data running smoothly, in high

speed & precision, long-term operation without adjustment, engraving precision unchanged.Back-open design 

convenient for material process & no limit for material length

4.Stable and full equipped design concepts,equipped with advanced industrial cooling systems, with anhydrous alarm 

automatic protection system, improve the stability and safety of continuous work.Full-equipped dust, anti-pollution

exhaust system, improved the all machine stability.Protective cover with sliding folding design, more humane, to 

ensure that anti-dust pollution.Complete exhaust system, more attention to health

5. Laser cutting adopt light path design, unique structure, perfect constant optical structure, small optical path

deviation, high stability, convenient adjustment.Optical components adopt the highest quality imported U.S. 26

and ZNSE focus mirror, reflectance/transmittance is the highest compared with the similar accessories, finer spot,

 stronger cutting force

Applied range:

Model industry:  construction model, aviation and maritime models, stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel,

 spring steel and the other metal plates and pipes; cutting

Leather processing industry: leather, fabric carved hollow

Arts and crafts industry: paper cutting, wood, bamboo products, leather, shell, ivory and other materials; 

engraving and cutting.Advertising industry: acrylic engraving and cutting, cutting and engraving of double-color 

plate and other advertising material.Packaging industry: printed rubber plate engraving and cutting, plywood 

cutting and laser cutter template cutting

Decoration industry: electrical and electronic industry materials engraving and cutting

QY Laser was founded in 2008, specialized in laser cutting machine R&D、design、production and sales. We pay high 

attention on optimizing integration of technology, quality, application and marketing, oriented by 

“high-efficiency, high-performance, high-precision”, we have developed more than 80 models of products, a variety

 of machines have been reached leading level in the local and oversea market.

We’ve been focused on laser cutting machine with large, middle and small cutting size, and closely follow

 international technology, so far we have cooperation with laser parts suppliers from German, USA, UK and other

world well-known companies. The machines designed by us are with high photoelectric conversion efficiency, good

 beam quality, and stable performance.

With the business philosophy of “Success by essence, Win by quality”, after 8years good the company has been 

grown up, the most importance is that we won the customers’ trust and good market reputation.