Kitchenware Production By Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Coild-fed laser cutting macine will increase the kitchenware production efficiency by more than 2 times.


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1, Fiber laser cutting machine with a beam of good quality, high precision, small slot, the province of materials, cutting surface smooth and safe operation and a series of features, can quickly and easily complete arbitrary graphics sheet metal blank material, The number of skilled workers to eliminate the rising labor costs, the efficiency is also greatly improved, and the monthly savings of several million of the Association of processing fees to help the kitchen industry, fiber laser cutting machine users to quickly recover the cost.


2,   The use of fiber laser cutting machine can not only solve the problems that have plagued the kitchen utensil manufacturers, and can facilitate the rapid processing of the panel samples, reducing the cost of new product development and shorten the development cycle of new products.


3, Laser processing equipment cutting material when the high degree of fine, to enhance the range hood and gas appliance yield, reducing the loss of materials. For some shaped products, fiber laser cutting machine is a unique advantage;


4, In today's technological innovation, industrial restructuring, market competition, an unprecedented background of the environment, in the kitchen processing enterprises, who can take the lead in finding a breakthrough to achieve the production process, including equipment updates, no doubt has a very important and realistic long-term significance.