How To Reasonably Adjust The Parameters Of The Laser Cutting Machine

In recent years, laser cutting machine is a more popular vocabulary. The wide application of laser cutting machines also made more people understand its function. However, when a company actually operates a laser cutting machine to cut a metal material, many operators do not know how to adjust the parameters of the laser cutting machine. Just like our common air conditioners, the temperature and humidity are different, and the temperature and mode need to be set accordingly. The same is true for laser cutting machines. Different materials, different materials, and different thicknesses are used to cut the parameters.

A laser cutting machine with excellent performance, which may be operated by experienced people, can exert the best speed, productivity, and performance of the machine to cut out high-quality and high-precision sheet metal parts. For those who lack experience, the excellent performance of the machine itself may not be able to play, a good laser cutting machine cut out a lot of workpieces.


As for how to adjust the equipment parameters in the process of use, most people will refer to the operating instructions of the laser cutting machine. In the instructions, there are detailed annotations for cutting materials, material thickness, cutting speed and other parameters. Of course, general professional manufacturers will carry out professional technical training, practical training, how to master the adjustment standards when the equipment is shipped to the client, how to adjust the corresponding parameters according to different materials, and how to adjust the parameters To achieve our ideal cutting effect and more. How to reasonably adjust the parameters of the laser cutting machine, we can only analyze specific problems.


To be sure, laser cutting machine is a tool to help companies make money. On the one hand, we rely on the quality and performance of the equipment itself. On the other hand, we need to use the correct method of operation to make the machine play its value. Only by combining machine quality and human operation can the machine fully realize its value.