High-power Laser Cutting Machine Market Demand In The End How Much?

In the early two years, there was such a distinction in the industry for laser equipment. 1000W-2000W was medium power, and 2000W or more was considered high power. Limited by the cost and technique of the laser at that time, laser equipment in 3000W has already satisfied most of the cutting of industrial materials.

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It is generally believed that the laser power has grown beyond the scope of the industrial sector and has no practical significance. The 6KW, 8KW, 10KW and 12KW laser devices released today confirm that laser technology has developed beyond the expectations of most people in China. . Why does the high-power market go far beyond our imagination?

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With the rapid development of China's equipment manufacturing industry, and the promotion of major projects such as railway construction, highway construction, water conservancy construction, hydropower construction, energy, mining construction, and construction, the mid-power laser cutting machine market is gradually becoming weak, and high-powered. The market advantage has gradually become prominent, and laser cutting machines are moving toward high-power, large-format, and thick plates. Among these are the results of boosting the laser power. At the same time, higher power and higher processing efficiency are also the needs of the market.

The market positioning of lasers in the high-power laser cutting machine market is also in line with the market's needs. In 10 years, a new generation of D-FAST high-power fiber laser cutting machines was launched. High-precision, high stability, low energy consumption, the highest power up to 12000W.

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