Features And Technology Of Laser Cutting Technology

A laser cutting features:

1, the cut quality is high-quality, fine

This laser beam laser device for use in cutting time can be focused to a small spot, the laser cutting machine can achieve high power use, so it's very fast cutting, high precision, can also ensure that the workpiece It will not be deformed.

2, has a strong applicability and sensitivity

This is a thermal cutting technology as the cutting process, the affected area is small, the impact does not appear in a wide range of cutting time. Another advantage is that it can be for some non-metal processing, of course, but also in other laser cutting machine can not do the place.

3, has a high energy density can be freely controlled changes can also be partial operation

This laser beam has good control performance, we are free to control the operation of the path of this laser cutting machine, for any kind of rigid materials can be cut accordingly. For those small parts, we can also locally perfect cut.

Second, the laser cutting process are the following aspects:

A. melting the incident laser cutting is the speed of light irradiation in the plate, the laser power reaches a certain critical value, so that the local region to produce melt to achieve cutting results.

B. vaporization with high power density of the laser beam heats the workpiece, to avoid dross flash melting heat transfer caused by the formed part of the material vaporized into steam disappeared, more beautiful edges.

C. Oxidation cutting nozzle is blown oxygen and the Soviet Union by the laser light, and oxygen to produce thermal processing violent chemical reaction; for brittle materials easy to heat damage by high-speed laser beam heating, controlled cut off, causing the region large thermal gradients and severe mechanical deformation, resulting in the formation of cracks in the material, also known as fracture controlled cutting.