Customer Service To Zhixieqingyuanjinpai

Gold Cup Silver Cup is not as good as the customer's reputation. Qingyuan Laser has long been widely recognized by customers for its good service reputation and reliable product quality.
Last week, Jinheng's advertising project customers in Shaanxi Province sent a banner with "service enthusiasm, thoughtful and responsible" to the hands of Mayahui and Chen Yufeng, the sales department of Qingyuan, to thank them for their warm, timely and thoughtful service.


On September 30, 2017, the sales department of Qingyuan received a call from Jinheng's advertising engineering customer that the parameters of the newly installed metal fiber laser cutter had not been adjusted well. The salesperson Mayahui, who had just installed the machine for other customers, arrived at the customer site overnight at the fastest speed., adjust various board parameters for customers. October 1 national holiday, still at the customer site to continue to troubleshoot customers to protect the normal production of customers.
Ren Shufeng, Mayahui's professional maintenance skills, personal, intimate service concept deeply impressed the customer, and was strongly praised and trusted by the customer. The customer said that you did not rest after you arrived from other customers. You worked until nearly 2 o'clock in the morning and then continued to work the next day. You were very satisfied with the attitude and service of the repair machine.
Our customers are not only sending a gold flag, but also recognizing the work of Qingyuan after sales and supporting and encouraging Qingyuan. We firmly believe that in the future development, Qingyuan will work harder to do its own work. Really make each customer to the source metal fiber laser cutting machine assured and satisfied.