A Variety Of Laser Cutting Machine Cutting Mode

Laser beam cutting coupled with high purity inert gas to promote the melted material leaving the kerf, and the gas itself is not involved in cutting. Cutting laser melting can be higher than the vaporization cutting speed. The energy required for gasification is usually higher than the energy required for melting the material. Melting laser cutting, the laser beam is absorbed only partially. Maximum cutting speed increased as the laser power increased, and with the increase of the melting temperature of the material increases the thickness of the sheet is almost inversely proportionally reduced. Under certain circumstances the laser power, limiting factor is the cutting pressure and material joints of thermal conductivity. Cutting materials for laser melting iron and titanium oxide can be obtained without incision. But less than gasification melting generation of laser power density, the steel material, in between 104W / cm2 ~ 105W / cm2.