1000W,1500W,2000W,3000W Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

1000W,1500W,2000W,3000W Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

Product Detail

  • Laser Power:2000W, 3000W

  • Worktable Size:1250mmx2500mm

  • Mild Steel Cutting Thickness:0.5mm-16mm

  • Stainless Steel Cutting Thickness:0.5mm-12mm

  • Specification:CE; ISO

  • Origin:Wuxi, China

Product Description
 Worktable (1250x2500mm Cantilever type):

Import high-grade auto-programming software:
1)Interface with AutoCAD is very close, easy to use, having a rubber band function, the lock point of complete functions, in addition to all the AutoCAD lock point functions, but also has a super capture the geometric center of selected features; Latest mouse button view control function.
2) Text outlines capabilities.

3) Cutting a flexible and efficient path processing:
A. Can be applied to different cutting parameters on the same parts.
B. Cutting path and geometry separation, modify the path does not affect the original graphics.
C. Infinite total edge cut, greatly improve the material utilization.

D. Convenient for cutting order, starting point changes.
E. The same parts multiple processing methods, cutting, painting lines, perforation, point markings.
F. Handle unique corner: Rounded corners, sharp corners, slow down.
G. Paging function

4) The report features: Detailed report: The path, speed, perforation frequency, time, gas, electricity consumption, cost estimates, graphics.
No. Item Parameter Unit
1 Worktablesize 1250× 2500 mm
2 X-axis travel 2500 mm
3 Y-axis travel 1250 mm
4 Z-axis travel 120 mm
5 Positioning precision ± 0.03 mm/m
6 Re-positioning precision ± 0.01 mm
7 Machine structure Cantilever  
7 Movement form Fly optics  
8 Maximum moving speed 50 m/min
  2000W 3000W
Material Max cutting thickness Min cutting thickness Max cutting thickness Min cutting thickness
Carbon steel 12mm 0.5mm 16mm 0.5mm
Stainless steel 6mm 0.5mm 8mm 0.5mm
Aluminium 4mm 0.5mm 6mm 0.5mm
Remark: cutting aluminium need add optic reflect components
We do not only produce 3000W Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine, we also produce 1500W and 2000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, and 1000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Automatic Sheet Loading and Unloading Function

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