Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

Product Details

Qingyuan Laser is well-known as one of the largest and professional 500w/1000w metal sheet fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. With a group of professional and effective personnel.

Table Fram Production:

500W/1000W Metal Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine      

Application:Home Appliance, Environmental Equipment, Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing, Agriculture Machinery, Textile Machinery, Food Machinery, Aerospace Industry, Automotive Industry, Shoemaking Industry, Woodwork Industry, Advertising Industry


Cooling System:Water Cooling


Technical Class:Continuous Wave Laser


Applicable Material:Nonmetal


Structure Type:Desktop


Laser Classification:Free Electron Laser


Laser Technology:Laser Flame Cutting


Fiber Laser Engraver Cutting Machine:Metal


Laser Cutting Machine:Metal


Fiber Laser Cutting Machine:Fiber Laser


Mini Laser Cutting Machine:Small


Laser Engraver Cutting Machine Manufactu:Stainless Steel,Carbon Steel


Package:Wooden Box


Specification:CE, SGS, TUV

Product Description

    Professional supplier of fiber laser cutting machine from China 

Applicable Industries:

Kitchen electrical, sheet metal chassis machine box, machine box equipment, electrical equipment, lighting hardware, advertising signs, auto parts, equipment, all kinds of metal products, sheet metal cutting processing and other industries;

Applicable Materials:
Is avaliable to cut a variety of thin sheet metal, high quality cutting 0.3-6 mm Carbon Steel Sheet, ≤3 mm Stainless Steel Plate,  ≤1 mm Cu Al  

Technical Parameter:

Laser Type 500W Fiber Laser
Process Scale 1500mm(W)x3000mm(L)      
Cutting Material Thickness 0.3-6mm(depends on the material)  
X-axis Travel-length 3025mm
Y-axis Travel-length 1525mm
Z-axis Travel-length 100mm
X/Y/Z-axis Driving Method Imported Germany Rofin
Driving Method Gear Rack Gantry
Max. Load of the workbench 1000Kg
Minimum Line width ≤0.15mm
X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
X/Y-axis Re-positioning Accuracy ±0.02mm
Max. Working Speed 40m/min
Max. Acceleration Speed 1.5G
Optimal Pattern Format LXD PLT AI Gerber  DXF
Surround Temperature 0-40ºC

Advantaged Feature:
1. Photoelectric conversion efficiency can be reach to 30%, is the twice to CO2 laser cutting machine.
   2.Power consumption is less ,  just 20%-30% of CO2 laser cutting machine.
   3.No gas for the laser device, can save a lot  of  maintenance  cost.
   4.Fiber transmission, no need retroreflector lens, no need adjust the light path.

Machine Functional Feature
1.Gantry structure, move stability and reliable.
2.Independent research and development  ,manufacture the machine body, special manufacture technology, the high precision machine ,stability and reliable, long life. 
3.Precision ball screws drive match to high response and high precision servo motor
4.International advanced quality fiber laser device , used many years by the industry ,long life ,maintenance free, stability and reliable.
5.High precision laser cutting head   ,imported optical lens, elaboration focus, adjustment convenient, cutting perfect.
6.High response double closed loop control capacitance heighten, low requirement to the sheet, cutting quality stability and reliable.
7.CNC system operates easily and simple, low requirement to the operator.
8.Apply to many formats of the drawing, strong drawing and edit graphic function. 
9.Special purpose cutting soft, cutting technology professor, data saving and invoking function.
10.Assisted sliding device, auto fuel loading system. 

Technical Data
Equipment Assembly Acceptance test and Training
Once the equipment is finished , the supplier inform the client to pre-acceptance test..
Once the equipment arrived at the destination of  the clients, the supplier arrange the assembly and all the test work according to the date of the clients requirement, also need the client's assistant. Both sides sigh the test report at last base on the "Technology Agreement" and "Industry Standard"



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