Coil Fed Laser Cutting With Automatic Unloading System

Product Details

Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine with rolling table and automatic unloading(for complex geometry cutting): 

Kindly refer to the machine working video at:   


Especially For Filling Cabinet, Kitchen ware, front cover of car, motor rotors production, suitable for material sheet thickness less than 2mm carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel and other metal roll materials.


Technical Parameter

²  Material Loading Weight: ≤5 tons

²  Decoiling System Parameter: Flatness Accuracy ±0.5mm

²  Decoiling Sheet Thickness: ≤2mm

²  Decoiling Width: ≤1300mm

²  Feeding System Accuracy: ±0.2mm


1.     One machine with integrated three in one functions of decoiling, feeding and cutting, which breaks the traditional production method.

2.     Automatic production line, with advantage of saving labor cost, increasing production efficiency

3.     Realize net material cutting, and improve the utilization of material sheet.

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