The fiber laser cutting is suitable for precision metal materials cutting, for materials like stainless steel, carbon/mild steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum, copper and other metal materials.

And widely used in field: Kitchenware, Filling Cabinet, Elevator and escalator, Mechanical Parts, Electrical Equipment Components, Electric Cabinet, Textile Machinery, Billboard, Automobile, Cooking Utensil, Hardware, Crafts, Spectacle Frame, Earrings And Rings, Advertising Words And Letters, Adornment, Subway Parts, Household Appliances, Electrical Appliance, Precision Components

Tools, Gifts and Crafts, Ultra-fine Contours, Filigree Structural Components, Gearing Components,Reamer, Mobile Phone Housing, Aviation

1. Kitchen Ware

2. Industrial Cabinets:

3. Advertisement:

4. Elevator&Escalator

5. Storage Shelf:

6. Filing Cabinet:

7. Agriculture Machinery:

8. Lamps And Lanterns:

9. Textile Machinery: